Some Good News

The awaited time had finally come. As soon as the calc zoom call was over, I reached for my phone in my sweater pocket, fingers sliding over the phone screen fluidly and burning with anticipation. I didn’t even stop to think about it, pause to prepare myself for acceptance or rejection. As soon as I soon as I saw the new email, with a glimpse of the words “Greetings from the Kelly Writers House!” I clicked.

“… we would like to offer you a spot in our 2020 Summer Workshop for Young Writers.”

I was ecstatic. In a split second I ran downstairs to inform my mom who was in the bathroom moisturizing her face. We shared a moment of jubilation and relief.

I am so thankful and so incredibly excited to be taking part in this program this summer. Two days ago I didn’t even know if I would have anything to do this summer. Two days ago at 2am I was still finishing up my application for the other summer writing program I was applying to in case I wasn’t accepted to this one. I knew that if I wasn’t accepted into the Kelly Writers House summer workshop I’d have very slim chances of getting accepted into the other program.

While I am really grateful for being accepted, I’m still a bit bummed out that it won’t be held in-person as previously planned due to the coronavirus crisis, which means I won’t be able to actually visit the campus and explore Philly :(. Still, it seems like they’re trying to keep the activities/workshops closely fitted to the original one, with the exception it’ll be held online.

Ahhh this is surreal. I’m really looking forward to connecting with the other writers and truly honing my craft this summer. In my application, I emphasized the fact that I wanted to challenge the misconception I’ve long had that writing is a lonely endeavor, that I wanted to step out of my introversion to share my work and encourage my fellow writers. I’m just so excited to have this opportunity.

This is truly a blessing and I look forward to making new friends, working with the instructors, and hardcore writing this summer!



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