A Bit About these Interviews

This is something very new (and kind of scary) that I’m planning on doing. Anyway, this past summer, I had the chance to study memoir and creative nonfiction at two different writing workshops. Namely, the KWH Summer Workshop (July 5-15th, 2020) and the Susquehanna Summer Writers Workshop (July 19-25, 2020).

It was during this stretch of two weeks that I was inspired to interview some professors and writers to learn about their writing process and how they became a writer, as a way to better understand my own identity as a writer. I was very fortunate that several professors and writers were more than willing to take time out of their busy days and sit down to talk with me and share some wisdom.

I hope to post these interviews as part of a mini series in the upcoming months, so be on the lookout for that! (though each one takes quite a while to make, especially because transcribing them is a real pain….).

So yeah, most of all, I hope you’ll also find these interviews interesting, enlightening, and helpful to your own journey as a writer.

All the best,

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